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Posted on: May 6, 2009

I found something nifty and now I have to share it:

Creative Miracle Grow: The Crazy Wonderfulness That Can Happen When Someone Believes In YOU!

I read the title of this post and kind of rolled my eyes. It’s just a little too wide-eyed and earnest (in retrospect this reaction is probably a case of seeing something you don’t like about yourself in someone else). But I read the blog post and it was absolutely beautiful and true and incredibly moving. It’s about having a talent and a deep desire to share it with the world and being too uncertain of your own value to risk revealing your gift. Even summarizing the article makes it sound kind of cheesy, but it isn’t. Read it and see for yourself!

And the blog I found the article on is called “Creative Juices Arts & Painting From the Wild Heart“. It’s written by Chris Zydel, a painter, professional creativity coach, and astrological counselor (not usually my thing, but that’s ok). She teaches creative self expression workshops in Oakland, CA which is pretty near San Francisco, so who knows, maybe I’ll take one of her classes someday.

I am adding her blog to my blogroll because even though the visual arts have never been my medium, the topics she covers are so relevant to what I want my blog to be about: overcoming the emotional and financial barriers to living as a poet.

Creative Juices probably won’t talk much about the financial barriers. Hopefully I’ll eventually find someone else I like to provide a slightly more left brained approach to the topic of creativity and the life poetic – I feel like this blog has kind of been making a mad foray into the realms of the fluffy and the touchy-feely of late (kinda ’cause I have). In the meantime I think all of us (my invisible readers and I) will greatly benefit from some ‘Creative Juices’ insights.


7 Responses to "Creative Juices"

Hi Kelly,

I learned of you, and your site, a few moments ago… from the comment section of Havi’s post @ fluentself. I appreciated the comment you made there, as well as this posting, and I wanted to say, “Thanks.”

It seems you ride thresholds — that special, intersecting place between two worlds, i.e. money & poetry… grounded/rational & “touchy-feely.”

Thresholds are wild horses to ride. I admire you for mounting.

Erika Harris, Creator

It’s Keely actually. It’s a Celtic name that means – so similar to Kelly that no one can tell the difference, lol. It means beauty, actually. My mom was a creative namer.

I’m glad you liked my comment @ fluent self. I read Havi religiously. She has such incredible insights.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. There’s definitely a strong theme running through it of finding balance between the practical and the romantic. It’s always been something I’ve struggled with.

Hope you keep reading. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will be checking it out very soon.


Dangit! So sorry for the typo! Kelly and Keely are no more the same person than Erica and Erika are. My apologies 🙂

Lol. Thanks for catching that! No worries though. I’m honestly used to it.

Hi Keely,

Thank you so very much for featuring my latest blog post on your site. That was incredibly cool. And I laughed out loud at your description of me as “wide eyed and earnest.” Believe me, it’s not the whole story!

As far as cheesy goes…. I’m a baby boomer… we practically INVENTED cheesy.

But you also gave me a cool idea about something to write about on my blog cause I AM a right brained type who is making very nice money doing my creative gig. And I do get a kick out of sharing my experience around that kind of success with other artist types.

So I will see what I can come up with.

And yes…. come to Oakland and take a class. It would be a total gas to meet you and I think it would be fun.

Hi Chris,
“Wide-eyed and earnest” was just how the blog post title struck me. It’s really hard to get an accurate reading on what someone’s like in person just based on their blog.

That said, I love your blog, and I really liked what I read of the philosophy behind your workshops.

I’ll have to see how hard life as a grad student hits me before I decide whether I’ll have time for one of your classes, but here’s hoping I can find a place to fit it in my schedule.

Speaking of “incredibly cool” – I knew you’d see the pingback, but I wasn’t expecting you’d be nice enough to comment. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Cheese and Creative Juice. Most delish combo, ever!

Can’t wait to see what you’re up to, Chris 🙂

Wide Eyes, Wider Heart

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