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Leaving the City for Childhood Memories & an Internet Blackout

Posted on: June 3, 2009


The last couple of boxes that were nestled in the corner of my otherwise pristine living room are now in the back of my car and my key ring is empty save for the car keys. I am now homeless untethered and able to adventure through Europe with my lover by my side.

But before I go to Europe I’ll be spending a week in my hometown steeped in childhood memories and a kaleidoscope of emotions. There’s an odd sort of appropriateness about returning with all my belongings to the place that, as a teenager, I vowed never to live again, and then departing for Europe, the place I dreamed of visiting, but never really believed I’d get to.

There’s a moral here and I’m trying to find it, some greater significance that is eluding me. Perhaps the lesson is as simple as ‘never say never’. Never say you’ll never return and never say something is impossible because there is no way of knowing if either are true.

So while I’m in my hometown, my family doesn’t have internet access, so I might be able to poach some from the public library or some unexpected source, but it will probably be a total internet blackout. Working as a web content writer it’s been a very long time since I’ve been completely unplugged from the World Wide Web. I will either find the experience meditative or devastating. Given the allergic reactions I tend to have to meditation I will probably find it both, but I’m excited to engage in this experiment, and I’m planning to write some blog posts from Europe and tell my invisible readers all about the exciting lessons I’m learning about myself.

While I’m gone feel free to leave blog comments if the spirit moves you, but if you haven’t commented before, don’t expect to see them posted until after June 10th. Your comments will be patiently awaiting my moderation in the interim.

The morning is waning and I have a long drive ahead. Wish me luck. I’ll likely be thinking of you.


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