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Leaving Denmark (Again) & Leaving You Some Links

Posted on: August 13, 2009

I’m getting ready to take the train from Aarhus to Copenhagen for the second time this month and am fairly certain it will go significantly better this time. I’m a little nervous about how successful I’ll be at the task of finding housing and settling-in in the next 10 days, but I have faith and a few tricks up my sleeve. I am confident I can figure out a way to land on my feet.

Got some good news a couple of days ago. I answered a call for graduate instructional aides and was selected to lead group discussions in an intro. to poetry class. The task sounds rather similar to the apprentice teaching I did for ‘intro to poetry’ classes as an undergraduate, but hopefully there’ll be a little more responsibility. It’ll be good to be working with beginning poets again. I love sharing my love of poetry with people who are only just beginning to find their poetic passion. It helps put me in touch with my younger poet self and remember what it was like to discover a new literary world that few others seemed to understand or appreciate. Plus, I always have to think harder about poetry when I’m putting in a position of needing to explain it to someone, which allows me to see it from angles I don’t bother to tilt towards much anymore. I think this is going to be a great experience.

The big news for this blog’s immediate future is the impending internet blackout. I’m not at all certain when I’ll have internet access again, hopefully within 10 days or life will get unpleasantly interesting.

Before I go, I thought I’d copy and paste some of the links that have been clogging up my tabs lately.

For your perusing pleasure:

Emma Newman over at Post-Apocalyptic Publishing just keeps getting more and more good ideas about how to promote her writing. First she began podcasting her novel, Twenty Years Later, chapter by chapter to rave reviews (her efforts have caught the attention of a small press who are now considering publishing her work, everyone cross your fingers). Now she has come up with the idea of creating a short story club in which members submit suggestions for stories, she selects one of the ideas, and then sends the completed story to her group as a special treat just for them. I think it sounds like a brilliant way to connect with readers who might later purchase her novel after enjoying her stories so much. I am eager to observe how this idea works out. Here is the info. on the club if you’d like to participate.

Over at there’s a lovely article rather simplistically titled, What Is A Writer?. The article talks about how myth’s about who a ‘real writer’ is or how a ‘real writer’ should behave creates submitter’s block and prevents good writers from getting their work out into the world. I’ve been suffering from a nasty case of submitter’s blog myself, a topic I’d like to address on this blog as soon as I get moved into my new place.

The Los Angeles Times featured an article on their website called The Lost Art of Reading which I absolutely adore and really should print out so I can read it again a few years from now. The article is about how in an instant information saturated world, reading is a form of meditation.


4 Responses to "Leaving Denmark (Again) & Leaving You Some Links"

hope you have safe travels!

Thanks for your well wishes. They must have worked because I got home safe this time.

thank you so much for posting “the lost art of reading.” what an amazing article. i’ve sent it out to all my writerly friends. that is exactly what writing is all about. i couldn’t have articulated that any better!

I really loved that article. Glad you enjoyed it too.

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