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See, I’m Really Going To Do This!

Posted on: August 28, 2009

My funk is officially over, completely chased away by the excitement of my first week of MFA classes. If you’d like to hear more on that topic (of classes, not my funk, my funk is ancient history), please checkout my most recent post over at MFA Chronicles.

Unfortunately, so much has been happening in my offline life that I’ve been letting this blog get a little stagnate. Time to check back in with the goals I’ve discussed for myself and the blog and figure out how to make them compatible with the busy life of an MFAer.

So one big thing I wanted to focus on was getting myself, and anyone else who wants to participate to submit more work for publication.

Here’s my current list of places I’ll be submitting to in the near future:

Transfer Magazine, the nearly one hundred year old publication of SFSU student work has a submission deadline of Sept. 3rd.

contest being held by 13th Moon Press is having a feminist poetry and fiction competition. The deadline is September 8th.

Out of Nothing has a submission deadline of October 1st. I really like their list of topics: the vacuum, salvage / remainders, imaginary spaces possessed of imaginary dimensions, darkness / lightlessness, reduced or infinitesimal means, the exponential, self-abnegating symbols, the blank, obliteration, the inconsequential, refusal, the contentless / general contentlessness, the generic and / or undifferentiated and / or the contra-original, adhesive agents in search of clients to bind, none of the above or below. Sufficive to say it’s a somewhat experimental publication.

Room Magazine is accepting submission on the theme of travel. The deadline is March 15th, 2010.

-I also plan to submit to the Bitter Oleander Press which doesn’t have a submission deadline.

So those are the places I’ll be submitting work. Posting this means I’m committed to getting the submissions typed, stamped, and in the mail.

Post the places you’re planning to submit to in the comments if you want a cheering section and a space to point to and say, See, I’m really going to do this!


4 Responses to "See, I’m Really Going To Do This!"

yay for getting prepared to get work out there!

i started blogging on fridays of how many submits i sent out. i know for sure next week i am going to tackle my yearly attempt at Cave Wall, a journal I would just love to be in but we shall see what other journals pique my interest when I sit down with my sad rejected poems!

[out of nothing] is awesome, I’ve been planning to submit to them for a while. They have a really great prose piece up in the 2nd issue called (Parentheses) by Kristen Orser.

I’m not stopping by to list submission commitments of my own, only to leave a little round of applause for yours 🙂 Saying it here makes them more real, so I wish you all the luck in the world x

I can’t figure out how to email you. Because I wanted to talk to you about your recent MFA post; I’m interested in knowing a little more about what it is you’re doing in your Persona Poems class. Please email me!

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