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5 Non-Academic Goals

Posted on: October 6, 2009

1. Stretch my shoulders every evening before going to bed.

I’ve been having some pretty gnarly shoulder stiffness and occasional pain for a few months now. A friend recently showed me two shoulder stretches that might help sooth the tension. I’m terrible about doing anything physical that involves a routine, but this is definitely worth attempting. It’s certainly better than my usual way of handling bodily pain – ignoring it or throwing a pill at it.

2. Unpack one box per week.

I am so close to being fully unpacked. If I unpacked one box per week I’d be done by the end of October and I wouldn’t have the excuse of not having time because it’s only one box. That takes maybe an hour. Two at the most.

3. Relaxation Yoga

There’s a free relaxation yoga class from 5-6pm on Tuesday evenings at the gym on campus (RM 147). I don’t have class then and I can definitely spare an hour to do something that has been on my ‘to do’ list for about a year now.

4. Look into women’s self defense class.

I know there’s one on campus. I don’t have the info. on it yet, but I think I know where to find it. First step is getting a date, a time, and a location.

5. Get HPV vaccination.

It’s a solid, proactive step to take in preventing cervical cancer later in life and I’m only eligible for the shot until my next birthday.

There’s lots more I want to get done, but I’ve found that having more than five goals in my head at one time can get a bit over-whelming. I’ll bump a couple of these off and then move on to more.


1 Response to "5 Non-Academic Goals"

good list! the yoga is a definite one for me most days. even just a few minutes helps immensely 🙂

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