Becoming the Living Poet

Archive for December 2009

The new post up at Creative Juices Arts is just beautiful. Here’s my favorite quotation (that I’m seriously thinking of putting up on my wall), but you should definitely go read the whole thing: here.

There’s art that you might not like.

There’s art that is not technically sophisticated.

There’s art that might be judged harshly by some outside authority or arbitrary standard.

There’s art that does not please the artist.

There’s art that appears to be completely meaningless or confusing.

There’s art that doesn’t match the vision you had in your head.

There’s art that might bring up shame about your artistic skills.

There’s art that might get you in touch with some uncomfortable feelings.

There’s art that is not realistic.

There’s art that is messy.

There’s art that is childlike.

But none of it is really BAD art. There’s nothing wrong with the art itself. The art is just art.
What makes it seem bad is our expectations about what we think it SHOULD be.

Another day, another step away from perfectionism and towards accepting myself as a living poet. So glad I found this article to help me on my path.